Need a way to test the wind’s direction and speed? The Cirrus ® Wind Indicator is the solution.

disc golf equipment and bag with Cirrus Wind Indicator

Stop throwing grass in the air. Let the Cirrus® Wind Indicator show you exactly what is going on with the slightest breeze.

With unbelievable battery life and cartridges that last over 1000 puffs, the Cirrus® Wind Indicator was designed to be a golf  or disc golf training aid or on-course tool that won’t let you down.

Finally a wind indicator that works for any level of play.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a complete beginner, knowing the wind’s heading will revolutionise your game. Why waste your favorite hand chalk on testing the wind, when the Cirrus Wind Indicator shows you the wind’s direction and speed with incredible accuracy?

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    Cirrus: Know The Wind.

    From HVAC to golf, K-9 and Hunting, there are endless applications for testing the wind. Know the wind with Cirrus.


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